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presents in asssociation with Shangrila Times
present their first movie

 movie - captainspaceman - 30 pieces ov silver screen - extreme - auto - fullscreen
(aka 30 pieces ov silver screen)
(aka the 3 mountains)

epic 2.5+ hour (150+ min)
30 auto consecutive music videos on YouTube fullscreen

movie promo banner codes

Gaia - film - pretext by BabylonScreen

film is basically about life at outdoor GoaTrance Partys (Full Blown)

settings - Everything full on - extreme lighting in Extreme minimalism
probably some kind ov high valley among many possibilities

extreme banners - like 50ft psychedelic banners of Shiva and such
psychedelic everywhere

music - ALL NON STOP GOATRANCE and the very best stuff at the time ov making the film
all long versions all full on all LOUD - relentless NO LETUP

Permission gained somehow from the artists to do this

essentially the audience virtually attends the party

sounds normal but rest assured THIS HAS NOT BEEN DONE

people - about 1000 - tight and concise
natural - speaking - laughing lots - joking around - love in their eyes
flower people ov the universe type

Sun coming up in the morning and things get even better

film is essentially one non stop party - exhausting and relentless

Plot - NO IDEA (thats the beauty ov it)

POOL - psychedelic everything, loud, love, flowers, peace, laughter, godesses, food, vegetatians, light, dark, sparse, minimalist, extreme, flash, high, natural, speech, joy, bliss, blinding lights, where did the light go, glow this, glow that, glow everywhere, out ov control but somehow normal, relentless, is there any rest here - yeah the chai tent

all we have left is what hasn't been done


are you sure this is even possible
no idea

image courtesy: - gap art

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